How to Use TunnelBear VPN on iPhone

As compare to Android, there are very limited applications available in iTune market to use VPN services while most of them are paid applications only. But thanks to TunnelBear VPN who has created an application for iPhone users so that they can also enjoy VPN services on their iPhone for free and unblock the blocked content and change their online identity by hiding their IP address etc.

If you have not heard about TunnelBear VPN before, then let me share with you a limit introduction about the company and the VPN features they are offering. TunnelBear VPN is designed to change or hide the original IP address of the user. By hiding or changing your IP address, you get freedom to surf internet in much better way. By doing this, you can unblock the censored content, protect your online identity and keep your device and its data safe from the hackers, especially if you are using internet on public Wi-Fi connection like in a restaurant, cafe or in the room of hotel etc. VPN also allow you to change your online identity to the specific country, by doing this you will automatically able to take advantage of those online services which is limited to that particular country’s users. For example you can get access of USA Netflix while sitting in Japan etc.


TunnelBear for iPhone:

The basic idea to design and develop TunnelBear for iPhone is to provide option to iPhone users to enjoy the VPN services for free. It is true that TunnelBear for iPhone is not wholly free but this is only VPN company who is providing a specific amount of data for free to their users on monthly bases.

The TunnelBear for iPhone has all the features which you enjoy on your computer. Their iPhone application is not just simple, easy to load but also created in the way which make it easy for everyone to operate. The features which you will enjoy with TunnelBear VPN on your iPhone includes options to switch to multiple VPN servers, unblock the blocked content, hide your IP address and change your online identity etc. You will also get protected from hackers by using this application on your iPhone while surfing internet where their online support team is available 24 hours to solve your problems.

How to use TunnelBear on iPhone:

The application is free to download. All you need to create your account on TunnelBear website. This can be done by using their iPhone application or you can also create the VPN account through your computer or also use an existing account on your iPhone. To use TunnelBear on your iPhone, you need to follow the following steps:


Step 1: Download TunnelBear application on your iPhone by going to iTunes market or Apple’s market.

Step 2: While installing the application, the iPhone may warn you about the application and you will see the message like “installing this application will change setting on your iPhone” You need to accept this to continue the installation.

Step 3: Create TunnelBear account or login to your account if you already have one. It is free to create account but free comes up with 500MB data limit where this can be upgrade to unlimited by purchasing their monthly or yearly package.

Step 4: Once you login to your account, you can close the application because this already allow you to get connected with internet through VPN

Step 5: Go to the application setting to change the option. You will see a new option VPN under Wi-Fi option. This option will allow you to use VPN and other options like change the VPN country and switch to other servers etc

That’s it, you can confirm whether your IP address has been changed or not through any whatsmyip address website. To know how much data you have used, you need to open the TunnelBear application where the stats about your data will be available.