How to Use TunnelBear VPN on Android

TunnelBear is one of the popular VPN service provider which is known for their ultra fast internet speed, cheap monthly packages and numerous VPN features which makes your online identity anonymous and provides you extra layers of online security. Early, TunnelBear was only designed for Windows users but with the passage of time and demand by their customers, their software is now available in form of mobile application for both Android users and iOS users.

TunnelBear’s customized Android application is very simple to use just like their computer software. You did not required to upgrade your Android operating system or add additional applications to run TunnelBear on your Android mobile or any other related device which is based on Android. With the help of TunnelBear’s Android application, now you can change your online identity easily and surf webs anonymously including option to unblock the blocked and banned website.


TunnelBear free application for Android:

The Android application of TunnelBear is free to download. They offer free monthly data usage to their users for free through which you can get access of their premium features. You also have option to upgrade the application or you can also use your existing TunnelBear account on Android application to automatically upgrade it to the premium version. The features of TunnelBear for Android application includes:

  • Unblock any website which is banned on your internet
  • Use your account on different internet connection
  • Keep your identity anonymous by hiding your IP address
  • Safely use private and public Wi-Fi connection any where
  • Option of unlimited server switches with ultra fast internet
  • No logs privacy which confirm your online privacy and security
  • Visualize your Bear “tunneling” your data from one country to another
  • The application is available in 14 different languages
  • Company upgrade application regularly to bring new features.

How to use TunnelBear on Android?

The minimum requirements to use TunnelBear on Android is to have your Android upgrade to 4 or to any other latest version. There isn’t any other requirement.

Step 1: Download TunnelBear for Android through Google Play Store

Step 2: Create an account. You can create a free or paid account. The free account comes up with 500 MB monthly limit where there are different packages available in case you want to use unlimited data without any limits.


Step 3: To change your IP address you need to login to your TunnelBear account and select the server of your choice. Currently their servers are located in 20 countries which means that you have option to change your IP address to any of the listed country.

Step 4: Your Android device may give you warning, you need to accept it to confirm that you allow TunnelBear to change your IP address and run in background.

Step 5: Once you accept the warning, TunnelBear will start working and your IP address will be changed instantly. Through TunnelBear application, you can switch to any server of your choice.